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Anonymous Ethics Portal

The Ethics Committee is a small group of AZABA Members who consult as a group to ensure members are up to date on ethics related information and events.  The Committee also collects information about different aspects of ethical decision making in our state, including themes or trends of ethical dilemmas. This anonymous form allows you to submit concerns, questions about positions you are in, or issues you have dealt with, so we can best inform and teach our community.

This ethics form is to be used exclusively by members of the Arizona Association of Behavior Analysis.  Members filling out the form should NOT provide any protected information in their submissions. This means that all information should be anonymous and without any identifiable information.

These submissions DO NOT replace or dismiss the ethical and legal responsibilities of the member to immediately address and/or report any ethical situation as described in Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts, or as outlined in A.R.S. 32-2091.  In the case that a submission is not anonymous, the Ethics Committee Chair(s) may be required to report a suspected violation to a regulatory board.  Information here will be used to help members at large make ethical decisions, but members should not wait for answers to act accordingly, nor should they think that answers here are ethically or legally binding – the committee provides suggestions based on the information that you provide to us.

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