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Speech Therapist Refusing To Do PECS

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


I am on a new team with a very involved young child with ASD and several other diagnoses. When meeting with the team, it was determined that PECS would be a great starting point for the child for functional communication. The speech therapist stated that she will just recommend a communication device because she hates doing PECS, implementing it and keeping up on the pictures. The family expressed concern about the child using a device as he doesn’t point and will just slap or pat on electronic devices. Upon further discussion, the speech therapist said if we do PECS then she will not participate or work on it with him and would prefer to be taken off the team. As the BCBA how do you ensure that the team is providing socially significant programming when it is now potentially causing a team member to leave?


  • The entire team should hopefully presenting information on PECS with grace to the SLP.


  • Prerequisite skills are not in place to use a device


  • Clinical relationship with the entire team including the family may be in jeopardy


  • 3.01- Relying on assessment; this could support PECS vs Device
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