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Potential Gifts From Clients on Social Media

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


You are starting to build your online presence, and network with other professionals via Facebook and Instagram. You are judicious in checking your security settings, and only add people that you know are in the field. That being said, you do not have a personal connection with all of your online “friends.” One day, on Instagram, you see an online friend post a picture, with a “friend” (online only) holding a bottle of alcohol and stating that it was a gift from a client. Do you seek clarification because it appears to be a violation of multiple relationships? Should you ask if it is an ABA client, or otherwise? Should you just mind your own business?


  • Confirmation that it is a behavior analyst and seek for clarification on if the gift was from an ABA client


  • Send message for clarification sooner than later and take a screen shot of the initial post for evidence to support the claim


  • Message should state how the photo was interpreted and that it may be interpreted by other professionals in the same way


  • 7.02- reporting guidelines; 1.06 not receiving gifts; 10.02 timely responding 30 days of the date


  • second component- is this a reportable offense, first approach the person, then employer/supervisor, then BACB (and AzBoPE is appropriate) if the matter meets reporting requirements
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