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Parent Utilizing CBD & THC

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


You have been working with a family for 18 months. The father is consistent with parent training attendance, actively engages in sessions and follows through with protocol implementation. The client recently experienced an increase in aggression; the team has developed a modified protocol and you are prepared to share it at the next parent training session. At the parent training session, Dad mentions that he is trying CBD oil (with THC) with the child in hopes to reduce aggression – he read about this on an online forum. When you ask if this is under medical orders or supervision, he mentions that the child’s pediatrician was indifferent to the decision but did not medically endorse the use of CBD & THC for the young child. When you ask how the parent is obtaining the substance, he makes a general statement regarding one of the locations that you may purchase such items with his medical card. You are concerned but not sure how to navigate the situation. How might you handle this?


  • Behavior analyst required to follow the law


  • Mandated reporter


  • 1.01 Reliance on Scientific knowledge


  • 2.09 Treatment/Intervention Efficacy


  • 4.01 Conceptual Consistency


  • 6.01 Affirming Principles


  • Need a script for child under 18


  • Difference between CBD and THC; CBD not illegal


  • Asking for clarification on prescribing Physician for any and all medications


  • Direct to medical provider for spike in behavior if team is controlling other environmental variables
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