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Helping Close Relationships With ABA Tips

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


You keep in touch with a good friend from High School and you know that their young child is showing signs and symptoms of Autism. They end up getting a diagnosis and reach out to you asking for some tips. You give them some tips on increasing communication, following through with demands, and capturing motivation. The information is well received, but they’re now asking you more questions, about behaviors, and school support, and whether you think their child will ever be able to have a conversation with them. You want to help, but also know they need more intensive support and are starting to feel uncomfortable. From an ethics perspective, what next steps are there?


  • 1.05(a) define the relationship/role


  • 1.06 multiple relationships


  • Create and distribute list of referrals of agencies


  • In a specific/unique situation, contact the BACB for guidance on how to proceed
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