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Family Doesn’t Want Details Released To Funding Source Without Permission

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I am working with young child with ASD. The family has sought out numerous treatments for their son. They feel that the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen therapy, gluten free diet and supplements have been the most beneficial treatments for their son. The team feels that the evidence-based practice of ABA is making a great impact on the child with the therapist. He is able to perform a wide variety of skills in different areas of development for the provider. The family feels that we should not be allowed to share details of programming, outside treatments or concerns with the funding source without their specific permission. The funding source is requiring the Qualified Professional to provide information related to supplemental therapies/outside activities that relate to treatment etc.  Are there specifics or limitations to what a BCBA or Qualified Professional is allowed to share with the funding source?


  • FB response: Parents can withdraw consent at any time, but insurance companies can withdraw service for not providing all the information.


  • More information is needed.


  • The family may see that these other interventions are not evidenced based and are nervous that the funding source will not approve services moving forward.


  • Possibly the educating the family the consequences that can occur from doing this.


  • Dual Relationship by making a secret with the family.
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