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Connecting Families That Are Clients

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


I work for an ABA company that offers in home ABA services. I have three plus families that live within a couple mile radius of each other. Multiple parents have asked me if I know of any other children or families around that are similar age skill set etc. The parents are wanting to have a play date / create a friendship with another child with autism. I have not disclosed any information about other families due to HIPPA to the families that are asking.

How can I assist these families that have expressed wanting to connect with each other without violating HIPPA? If i give phone numbers or names I am violating their privacy even though they have asked me to do this?

Is it covered in an roi? Can there be a special roi? How can I make sure I am protecting privacy but also assisting me families create a supportive community with each other? What do others do to connect families?


    • Committee Input:
      • Parents can sign ROI so that emails can be exchanged and then they can coordinate it
      • Suggest Facebook groups
      • Create a social group; collect the ROI prior
      • You would want to be careful connecting those clients (future implications/relationship doesn’t go well, how does this impact rapport etc.)
    • Exploration:
      • Have the parents check Facebook groups, NextDoor app, peanut app or direct them to your agency’s Facebook page to post for playdates.
    • Codes:
      • 2.06; 2.08
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