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College Recommendation Letter for Client

Post Series: Ethics Scenario Archive


Client that is being billed through insurance by the Agency that I work for is being accepted into college courses. He would like a letter of recommendation from his supervisor for some scholarship opportunities. Is it ethically appropriate to provide a letter for his college? What would be precautious steps to take in the event that we can provide a letter? Would this be better to provide during billable or non-billable therapy/supervision? What are some possible HIPPA considerations? Ethical issue: Dual relationship, Monetary concerns (if client receives scholarship for college), Billable/non-billable/spare time concerns.


    • Committee Input:
      • Potential dual relationship issue
      • Can the client give their own consent to be able to release of PHI?
    • Exploration:
      • Avoid the multiple relationship.
        • “Our ethical code states that”
      • Coaching the client through asking other teachers/professional people
    • Codes:
      • 1.06B; 1.07A
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