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Website Testimonials

Scenario Using testimonials on website, no disclaimers Response Committee Input: Reach out to organization’s leaders (BCBAs) as soon as possible to resolve (lead with education). Provide guidance on code and potential action items. Follow up on website/with BCBA after initial conversation. Document actions taken (include dates)   Exploration: If parents wrote the testimonial, consent is implied to use names; Are owners BCBAs (yes). Who is managing the solicitation/posting of testimonials (owners should provide education regarding the PECC)? Codes: 8.05; 2.06;

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Soliciting Parent Testimonials

Scenario Hi guys :) I'm looking for advice on 8.05 in the Ethics code, soliciting testimonials. Our organization is celebrating our 10-year anniversary, and we would like to put together a short video montage of the parents of our students and clients saying a few words of appreciation to the staff. This would be used for internal purposes only...purely as a means of appreciating our staff, and not for promotional purposes whatsoever. Thoughts? Response Ensure no personal information is included…

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