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Hiring Behavior Analyst Trainees at a School District

Scenario A school district posted a job opening for a BCBA, and said they would take someone non-certified, as long as the person pays for their own supervision. Would another district BCBA still be responsible for providing supervision, especially during the time between supervision ending (1500 hours completed) and time of certification? Response Committee Input: What would the BCBA doing within their job? What is the job description? If candidate is a supervisee, supervision is required Exploration: Ensure that you…

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Unlicensed, Certified BCBA Provide Supervision

Scenario There are currently 3 BCBAs on the staff at my current site. 2 of the BCBAs are licensed and one of us is working on getting licensed, we are all certified. The 2 BCBAs that are licensed are relatively new to this site and have not mastered the work that we do. We have a few supervisees that require supervision. Per the BACB, a supervisee is expected to have 2 client observations supervised as well as individual supervision meetings.…

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