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Employer Requiring Same Number of ABA Hours for All New Clients from New BCaBA

Scenario You obtained your Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) certification 3-months ago. You went from working as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), as you accumulated your required supervised fieldwork hours, to a position as a BCaBA with the same company. Suddenly, you had more authority to make decisions regarding your clients’ treatment programs, as well as an increased case load. Shortly after you took on your new role as a BCaBA, you met with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst…

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Speech Therapist Refusing To Do PECS

Scenario I am on a new team with a very involved young child with ASD and several other diagnoses. When meeting with the team, it was determined that PECS would be a great starting point for the child for functional communication. The speech therapist stated that she will just recommend a communication device because she hates doing PECS, implementing it and keeping up on the pictures. The family expressed concern about the child using a device as he doesn’t point…

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Changing Direction of Treatment from Previous BCBA

Scenario You are a new BCBA to an established case and go to meet your client and his family for the first time.  The client is a 12-year-old male evaluated using the VB-MAPP and has been a client of the company for 5 years.  You see the client run in and out of the meeting wearing only his underwear and holding up an iPad to his ear.   While meeting with the family, you learn that the previous BCBA has…

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