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Speech Therapist Refusing To Do PECS

Scenario I am on a new team with a very involved young child with ASD and several other diagnoses. When meeting with the team, it was determined that PECS would be a great starting point for the child for functional communication. The speech therapist stated that she will just recommend a communication device because she hates doing PECS, implementing it and keeping up on the pictures. The family expressed concern about the child using a device as he doesn’t point…

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Changing Direction of Treatment from Previous BCBA

Scenario You are a new BCBA to an established case and go to meet your client and his family for the first time.Β  The client is a 12-year-old male evaluated using the VB-MAPP and has been a client of the company for 5 years.Β  You see the client run in and out of the meeting wearing only his underwear and holding up an iPad to his ear. Β  While meeting with the family, you learn that the previous BCBA has…

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