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Connecting Families That Are Clients

Scenario I work for an ABA company that offers in home ABA services. I have three plus families that live within a couple mile radius of each other. Multiple parents have asked me if I know of any other children or families around that are similar age skill set etc. The parents are wanting to have a play date / create a friendship with another child with autism. I have not disclosed any information about other families due to HIPPA…

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Website Testimonials

Scenario Using testimonials on website, no disclaimers Response Committee Input: Reach out to organization’s leaders (BCBAs) as soon as possible to resolve (lead with education). Provide guidance on code and potential action items. Follow up on website/with BCBA after initial conversation. Document actions taken (include dates)   Exploration: If parents wrote the testimonial, consent is implied to use names; Are owners BCBAs (yes). Who is managing the solicitation/posting of testimonials (owners should provide education regarding the PECC)? Codes: 8.05; 2.06;

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Approaching Former Adult Client

Scenario I moved to Arizona seven years ago, but I started my career here providing habilitation services to adults. However, for the past six years, I have been working with only children. Two weeks ago, I saw one of my previous adult clients working at my neighborhood grocery store. I am aware we're not allowed to approach families of children we work with, because someone could guess we provide services to them based on knowing what our career is. However,…

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