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Client Pre-Authorization Denied For Much Needed Services

Scenario You receive an ABA referral from a pediatrician for a 3-year-old client; you call the parent listed and gather insurance details and enough background information to see if the client’s behaviors are within the scope of the practice. The client is severely impacted and engaging in high rates of SIB; your colleague that specializes in SIB has an opening on his caseload. When the team proceeds to obtain prior authorization from the client’s primary insurance, pre-auth is denied as…

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Pro Bono Work

Scenario Dear Ethics Committee: I am an ABA student preparing for the BCBA exam. I have a question about pro bono limitations. I read in the code 2.13 about fees and financial arrangements. But in many references to this code, people will say that the relationship must be "remunerative." Does this mean that pro bono work is discouraged? Many other professionals (i.e. some medical doctors I know) regularly provide a portion of their time to people on a pro bono…

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