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Terminate Services Due To Parent Behavior

Scenario How does a BCBA terminate services when parent behavior is impeding patient services? Response Review expectations at onset of service Revisit tx plan goals and alignment with family values Reach out to supporting BCBAs for guidance Set discharge criteria in initial tx plan Refer to counseling for additional services if exp. avoidance is hypothesized

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Hostile Work Enviornment

Scenario I am a BCBA working in a school setting. My boss has created a hostile work environment (i.e. threatening job security, public humiliation, gaslighting, intentional sabotaging and retaliation). Due to stress, I have found that my quality of work is decreasing and impacting my ability to provide effective services to my students (ethical code 2.09). However, if I leave my job, my students will lose their BCBA (the school will not hire another) and they will not receive the…

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Parents Not Implementing Procedures

Scenario I am a parent of a teenager receiving ABA services. We have been in the system (in many different capacities) for 13 years. My son has been receiving ABA interventions for about 6 months. I have already noticed positive changes in my son. However, I have concerns regarding the parent training I am receiving. The BCBA is extremely knowledgeable and teaches me through a behavior skills model – this is great because she shows me what to do and…

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