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Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)

Scenario Our school has been bit by RPM...HELP.  One parent went to a conference on RPM and has come back convinced that she has been undervaluing her son's intelligence. She's making somewhat extraordinary claims about what he is communicating with his RPM instructor, and sort of implying that we should be instructing him differently at school.  We've been clear that we cannot change his goals unless we see him displaying those skills at school.  In one week, we now have…

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Terminate Services Due To Parent Behavior

Scenario How does a BCBA terminate services when parent behavior is impeding patient services? Response Review expectations at onset of service Revisit tx plan goals and alignment with family values Reach out to supporting BCBAs for guidance Set discharge criteria in initial tx plan Refer to counseling for additional services if exp. avoidance is hypothesized

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Changing Direction of Treatment from Previous BCBA

Scenario You are a new BCBA to an established case and go to meet your client and his family for the first time.  The client is a 12-year-old male evaluated using the VB-MAPP and has been a client of the company for 5 years.  You see the client run in and out of the meeting wearing only his underwear and holding up an iPad to his ear.   While meeting with the family, you learn that the previous BCBA has…

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Parent Utilizing CBD & THC

Scenario You have been working with a family for 18 months. The father is consistent with parent training attendance, actively engages in sessions and follows through with protocol implementation. The client recently experienced an increase in aggression; the team has developed a modified protocol and you are prepared to share it at the next parent training session. At the parent training session, Dad mentions that he is trying CBD oil (with THC) with the child in hopes to reduce aggression…

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Hostile Work Enviornment

Scenario I am a BCBA working in a school setting. My boss has created a hostile work environment (i.e. threatening job security, public humiliation, gaslighting, intentional sabotaging and retaliation). Due to stress, I have found that my quality of work is decreasing and impacting my ability to provide effective services to my students (ethical code 2.09). However, if I leave my job, my students will lose their BCBA (the school will not hire another) and they will not receive the…

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Family Rejecting Safety Measures

Scenario I have been working with a child that is diagnosed with ASD. She engages in severe self-injurious behavior (head banging). She has been hospitalized 2 times for cuts to her forehead and concussions. Behaviors have decreased at school after staff training from our team but stay consistent in the home. The family is struggling with staying in close proximity to her, being proactive and implementing strategies when staff is not around. Their insurance company is suggesting a helmet to…

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