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Family Doesn’t Want Details Released To Funding Source Without Permission

Scenario I am working with young child with ASD. The family has sought out numerous treatments for their son. They feel that the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen therapy, gluten free diet and supplements have been the most beneficial treatments for their son. The team feels that the evidence-based practice of ABA is making a great impact on the child with the therapist. He is able to perform a wide variety of skills in different areas of development for the provider. The…

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Changing Direction of Treatment from Previous BCBA

Scenario You are a new BCBA to an established case and go to meet your client and his family for the first time.  The client is a 12-year-old male evaluated using the VB-MAPP and has been a client of the company for 5 years.  You see the client run in and out of the meeting wearing only his underwear and holding up an iPad to his ear.   While meeting with the family, you learn that the previous BCBA has…

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