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Parents Offering Token Items During Check Out/Transition

Scenario A team is looking for insight on how to handle parents offering dinner and other token items during check out/transition out of service session (especially how a BCBA would coach a RBT to handle this in the moment)? Response Explanation of appreciation but limitations that exist to accept   Make sure message is firm but respectful; establish mutual trust, prime the situation   Many of these families feel eternally indebted to us, we need to acknowledge their thankfulness and redirect this…

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BCBA Subpoenaed in Family Court

Scenario A BCBA is subpoenaed, court ordered and approached by one guardian(parent) lawyer for issues involving family court. What are the next steps for the BCBA? Response Outline at the onset of services (conditions of participation in such situations, must be judge-ordered etc.   Annually revisit conditions for participation in court   Address familial stressors at intake

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Helping Close Relationships With ABA Tips

Scenario You keep in touch with a good friend from High School and you know that their young child is showing signs and symptoms of Autism. They end up getting a diagnosis and reach out to you asking for some tips. You give them some tips on increasing communication, following through with demands, and capturing motivation. The information is well received, but they’re now asking you more questions, about behaviors, and school support, and whether you think their child will…

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Potential Gifts From Clients on Social Media

Scenario You are starting to build your online presence, and network with other professionals via Facebook and Instagram. You are judicious in checking your security settings, and only add people that you know are in the field. That being said, you do not have a personal connection with all of your online “friends.” One day, on Instagram, you see an online friend post a picture, with a “friend” (online only) holding a bottle of alcohol and stating that it was…

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Supervision Has Multiple Relationships with Family Receiving Services

Scenario I work under a BCBA who is providing services to a family whom she has multiple relationships with. The parents of the client are long-time friends of hers which she openly shared with me. I have expressed concerns about the family being very aggressive and hostile towards my client and will interrupt my sessions to tell me that I’m doing my job incorrectly and have tried to get me to physically force my client to hang from a monkey…

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