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Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)

Scenario Our school has been bit by RPM...HELP.  One parent went to a conference on RPM and has come back convinced that she has been undervaluing her son's intelligence. She's making somewhat extraordinary claims about what he is communicating with his RPM instructor, and sort of implying that we should be instructing him differently at school.  We've been clear that we cannot change his goals unless we see him displaying those skills at school.  In one week, we now have…

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BCBA Receives Cease & Desist

Scenario A BCBA needs to approach a colleague about questionable clinical practices and/or professional ethical practices (e.g., outdated intervention procedures or not following the PECC to resolve conflicts). Instead of interacting with the BCBA, the colleague in question uses an attorney to send out a cease and desist for alleged slander before direct attempts to connect with colleague to clear up confusion. How should this be handled? Response Codes to Consider: 7.02, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 Steps to Explore: Consult with an attorney due to cease and…

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Parent Utilizing CBD & THC

Scenario You have been working with a family for 18 months. The father is consistent with parent training attendance, actively engages in sessions and follows through with protocol implementation. The client recently experienced an increase in aggression; the team has developed a modified protocol and you are prepared to share it at the next parent training session. At the parent training session, Dad mentions that he is trying CBD oil (with THC) with the child in hopes to reduce aggression…

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